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Personal Training and Programming

David Shorunke and Matthew Parkinson offer Coaching and Programming at CrossFit Cheltenham. Visit the About page to find out more about our coaches or go to the Athlete Area to look at prices and packages.

How does personal training help?

Personal training and Strength and Conditioning coaching helps you achieve your goals in a fun and effective way. Whether you want to get fitter, stronger, improve technique, lose weight or all of the above, then PT is the way forward. The aim is not to shout and point and get you as sweaty as possible, but to carefully guide and educate you through your fitness journey.  Understanding the importance of building strength, maintaining technique and the role of nutrition in your performance is the first step to making you get the most out of your fitness journey and stay injury free.
personal-training2Personal training is a great way to keep you motivated as you will have specific areas to focus on betw
een sessions. It can be difficult knowing where to start if you are new to fitness, are stuck in a rut, or have reached a plateau. The PTs will help identify areas which are stalling your progress. This may be technique, power, speed, endurance, stability or mobility. Working on your weaknesses is challenging, but rewarding, and athletes are often surprised at how much their better lifts go up too.

Do I need Personal Training (PT) if I do CrossFit?

Most of our PT clients are CrossFit Members. Whilst the basics are learnt during fundamentals and class, there is little time or opportunity to properly assess each member and work on weaknesses in a collective environment. Barbell skill work takes years of practice to master and the types of cues given to improve your technique are specific to each person.

Having a one-to-one session will dramatically improve the ease at which you do the lifts and sky rocket your PBs. The range of people who do CrossFit is vast. Whilst having an athletic background is useful, many sports will cause asymmetric strength and movement patterns. CrossFit is a symmetrical sport and so if you come from rowing, football, hockey, golf, tennis etc you may have to do significant amounts of assistance work on your non dominant side to prevent over-use injuries and get the most out of your workouts.

Working out where to focus your efforts, a plan of how to improve your WOD efficiency and nutritional advice are just a few of the things available from our degree-qualified Coaches.

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Should I get programming?

Programming is a personalised, daily exercise plan given weekly or monthly to help you achieve specific strength or athletic goals. It is done over email and so is available for those who are unable to attend personal training sessions. However, you can combine personal training and programming.

Programming is designed for those who are confident in their technique and have a desire and commitment to further their ability. It can be done prior to a particular event (3 months minimum recommended) or for those who want to make significant improvements to their PBs or fitness. A programme will ensure that you stay on track with your training and are cycling your lifts to get the maximum benefit.

Before you receive your programme you will be asked to do a wide range of tests, to determine your strength, aerobic capacity and power. The more accurate these test results are, the more beneficial the programme will be, as there will be a greater understanding of your capabilities and limitations as an athlete.

During your programme, you will be asked to post on a private daily blog to check your progress and give feedback on how you found the session. This record is very important as it clarifies what worked well and what needs to be improved on the coming weeks in order to help you, specifically and personally, improve. This is why you will get much more out of following a professional, individualised programme than just picking one up online – the regular contact, expert knowledge and accountability mean that you are much more likely to achieve your goals, without injury or burnout.

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