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Medical Acupuncture


What is Medical Acupuncture?

Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) is the application of needles to Trigger Points in the muscles. This causes a local micro-trauma which stimulates blood supply to the area and release of a natural painkiller called Adenosine. This reduces the sensitisation of the muscle, making is less painful. The treatment is not usually painful and patients experience immediate relief.

What can Medical Acupuncture help with?

  • Knee Pain from quadriceps tightness
  • Lower back tightness
  • Sciatica from piriformis muscle tension
  • Neck and Shoulder pain
Medical Acupuncture is one of the most effective recovery strategies. Unlike some massage, it does not cause global tissue damage as it only affects the treated area. This causes less of a reaction and so it is unlikely to feel sore after your treatment; typically, patients get straight up and train. It is so effective because it gets much deeper into the tissue and so helps to get rid of those deep set aches, DOMS and chronically tight tissues.