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Fit for Ski

Fit for Ski is a pre – ski programme for injury reduction on the slopes. It combines exercises and stretches which you do at home in the month before you go away.

It is all too common to injure yourself when skiing or snowboarding. Unfortunately, your accident affects not just your holiday but also your work and life when you get home.

Your first assessment is a movement screen which identifies areas of stiffness, weakness and instability. These areas are at greater risk of injury and cause compensatory overuse injuries in other areas. Strengthening weak muscles and improving joint flexibility before you go skiing is a good idea to reduce your injury risk.

Fit for Ski provides individualised osteopathic treatment including sports massage, ski1medical acupuncture and Kinesiotaping. You will be given specific stretches and strengthening exercises to ensure your body is at its best for your trip away.
Common areas identified:
  • poor ankle stability
  • hip tightness
  • overuse knee injuries
  • poor strength and endurance of leg and back muscles
  • asymmetric shoulder mobility
Fit for Ski sessions are one hour, the first part is a movement assessment which will take 20-30 minutes per person. The following half hour will provide you with your own personal exercises and stretches. Your exercises and a Stretch for the Slopes Guide will be given for you to take away. People are always amazed at how stiff or weak they have become and have had a real benefit from doing these exercises and stretches before and during their trip away.

Skiing with friends? Why not bring your partner, friends or family along too?

The Assessment will be done on each person individually at the beginning and then you can learn the exercises and stretches together.
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Price: £45 individual, £80 pair, £120 family of four: two adults and two children (under age 14)