"But I can still do today's WOD can't I?"

This question is often posed by "CrossFitters".

Amidst all the arguments about potential injuries, the "we don't stop until we're done" attitude and high reps under load, there is much the average Jo can learn from the CrossFit mentality. 

What wakes you up at 5.30 am to get ridiculously out of breath and sore before a day at work; day in, day out?

What mentally challenges you as much as starting a WOD with a 100 burpees  "check in" before the real "work" has started?

What things do you think you will never be able to achieve, but 20 minutes later have accomplished? (Albeit, unable to speak for a few minutes!)

What other group has encouraged people to eat real, whole, organic and grass-fed foods (Paleo) as effectively as CrossFit?

So each time I get asked the whether they can train later, rather than telling them they have to rest (although, yes, that is definitely needed!), I smile. Because I have never found such dedication, commitment and dogged determination as seen in a CrossFit gym, anywhere else in town!

So, I challenge you to find something which inspires you. Something which gets you up in the morning and sends you to sleep, exhausted but refreshed in the evening. And if you want a taste of the madness, why not try your first month for free at CrossFit Cheltenham?