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Athletes Area

weight-liftingAthlete Packages are available to keep you performing at your best and injury free in the most cost effective way.

These include an osteopathy treatment, personal training and programming from our highly qualified, friendly staff.

If you are training 3-5 days a week and are young and injury free, monthly treatments are recommended. If you are training at a higher intensity, have an injury or are a Masters athlete (40+years), bi-monthly treatments are recommended to maintain optimum function. Osteopathy helps with reducing muscle soreness post training, improving mobility and flexibility, working through tight muscles and finding and fixing the causes of aches, pains and niggles.
It is a combination of soft tissue, muscle energy techniques, inhibition and trigger point therapy, medical acupuncture, kinesiotaping, manipulation and exercises. It speeds up recovery, prevents little niggles from becoming injuries and ensures your body is moving optimally.

Athlete Packages

One-Off Treatment and Personal Training Sessions £75
One Treatment and Two Personal Training Sessions per month £90
One Treatment and Four Personal Training Sessions per month £140
Two Treatments and Four Personal Training Sessions per month £180
Four Treatments and Four Personal Training Sessions per month £250
If you would like a block of 10 Personal Training sessions plus treatment of your choice:
10 Personal Training sessions £250
+ Two Treatments £330
+ Three Treatments £365
+ Five Treatments £430
+ Ten Treatments £620
add Programming to any of your packages for just £15 extra per week  

If you are an athelete looking for pure osteopathy prices, click here